Areas of Focus


Our team deals with a wide range of matters pertaining to the buying and selling of property. We are equipped to assist with general conveyancing matters, which include the following services:

  • Drafting of sale agreements
  • Registration of transfer of properties
  • Drafting private mortgage bond agreements
  • Drafting and registration of Ante-Nuptial agreements (ANCs)
  • Advice to Sectional Title Boards of Trustees
  • Drafting of building contracts
  • Providing advice on compliance with National Building Regulations
  • Assist clients on obtaining bonds


Landlord & Tenant Act

Our firm boasts experts in the Landlord and Tenant Act. We are able to assist in the drafting of lease agreements (residential and commercial), advice on lease agreements, evictions, the Consumer Protect Act and matters in regard to the Rental Housing Act.


Property Law

We have wealth of experience in property related matters and will assist clients to make sure that all contracts comply with local authority requirements.


Parental Rights and Responsibilities

The rights and responsibilities of a parent are set out in the Children’s Act 38 of 2008 (the “Children’s Act’”).This is a complex set of rights, duties and responsibilities which have to be performed in best interest of the child. We are committed to make understanding these procedures as painless as possible for our clients, to the ultimate benefit of their children.



Evictions in South Africa are governed by the PIE Act or the ESTA Act. Our professionals will assist you with advice as to which act might be applicable and the proper procedure to follow, as this could be a very expensive exercise, should the incorrect procedure be followed or the necessary steps for such an order not be taken into account. We assist clients in farm, residential and commercial evictions.


Debt Review

Are you unable to meet all your financial obligations on a monthly basis, but do not want to lose hard earned assets like your house and car? Debt review might solve your problem.

Debt review grants over-committed consumers a second chance to repay their debt in a restructured manner, which suits their financial situation better and halts any further legal actions against them. We pride ourselves in obtaining Debt Review orders quickly and efficiently, which soon lessons the burden on the consumer.


Road Accident Fund Claims

The process of claiming from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) can be complicated, confusing and traumatic; we aim to provide a comfortable, supportive and informed environment during consultation. The law is subject to change on a regular basis, hence it is important to employ a legal team that is up to date to achieve the best possible results.

We pride ourselves in working hand in hand with Gert Nel Attorneys based in Pretoria who specialize in Road Accident Fund claims.


Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice is defined a negligent act or omission by a medical professional for example a doctor or nurse, and could also include health care facilities. Negligence is widely described as when an action or omission do not meet the accepted standards of practice, thus what a reasonable health care practitioner in the same instance would have done. If medical practice does not meet these standards there is potential reason to make a claim.

Medical malpractice law is a highly specialized. It is imperative that you consult an attorney in this complex field so you can be informed whether your claim has potential or not. Our firm has the necessary knowledge to assist you in the matter and can help you receive some remedy for your pain, both emotional and physical.


Civil Litigation

We offer our assistance with any legal dispute between two or more parties that seek monetary damages or specific performance from another based on an agreement between said parties.


Antenuptial Contracts

An Antenuptial Contract is a contract entered into between two people prior to getting married. This contract stipulates the terms and conditions for the exclusion of community of property between spouses. We can assist in explaining the difference between the different marital regimes in order for you to make an informed decision that suits you and your future spouses’ needs best.


Matrimonial & Family Law

We pride ourselves in lessening the stress and financial burden which may result from a contested divorce action. We go the extra mile in attempting to settle the majority of divorce matters expediently, amicably and as painless as possible, by assisting parties in reaching a just and equitable settlement agreement.

We also have practical experience in being appointed as liquidator after a divorce is finalized. As liquidator we assist in dividing the estate as per divorce order/settlement.

We specialize in matters regarding maintenance as well as any matters pertaining to the best interest of minor children.


Labour Law, CCMA matters and Disciplinary hearings:

South African Labour law deals with both individual and collective labour law. We will be able to assist you in all CCMA and Labour Court matters and during Disciplinary hearings. We specialize in three principle Acts (Labour Relations Act, Employment Equity Act and Basic Conditions of Employment Act). This includes the following:

  • Drafting of Employment Contracts;
  • Retrenchments;
  • Unfair dismissals;
  • The substantive and procedural fairness during disciplinary hearings;
  • Harassment in the workplace;
  • Unfair labour practices;
  • Collective labour law that includes consultations with Trade unions for the benefit of employees; and
  • Advising employers of their rights when a strike (legal or illegal) may occur and what measures may be taken by an employer against employees.


Administration of Deceased Estates

The administration of deceased estates is a very delicate matter, because death is a difficult time for all concerned. As professionals with a sound working knowledge and expertise, we possess all the necessary skill sets to administrate the estate during this period and all legal and financial aspects can be shifted to our hands. This includes a variety of steps, including reporting the estate to the Master of the High Court, drawing up the Liquidation and Distribution Account as prescribed by Law, and the distribution of estate for beneficiaries in an efficient manner.



If you are a person above the age of 16 years of age, then you are eligible to draw up a will. A will is always preferably be drawn up by specialists, as we possess the knowledge of all formalities that must be met in terms of the Wills Act. A will determines how the estate of such person should devolve upon death, and without a will the deceased estate will devolve in terms of intestate succession. A will also provides for guardianship over minor children after your death, as well as security to your loved ones.



Contracts form an integral part of our lives. The general rule of pacta sunt servanda (Agreements must be kept) applies. Contracts can take both verbal and written form, but written contracts are generally more enforceable than verbal agreements. If any dispute arises out of a contract, we will be able to assist the merits based on the contract and to which extent the contract was entered into.

Correspondent Work

Our firm gladly welcomes any correspondent work in relation to the services we provide and commit to delivering professional and expedient service herein.



We like to work at a set fee structure and feel that this leads to more certainty between Attorney and Client, monitoring certain instances where litigation is commercially viable. In this instance the Attorney will deal with the Litigation on behalf of the client. It is our practice not to appoint Advocates for Litigation unless it is unavoidable.


Fee and Mandate Agreement

Our agreement sets out the charge for the actual work done and also allows the client peace of mind knowing that the attorney cannot over-reach with excessive figures or a global account. Instead we invoice the client for the separate services rendered. Our professional fees are based on an hourly rate and the costs indicated in the Government Gazette as amended from time to time.

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